April 15, 2021

Get your hands on this Chinese tableware set

Some time ago, I discovered a beautiful set of bamboo tableware, an independently designed brand.

This month, mothers were as worried as I was

After a month of communication, we finally have the opportunity to start the tour today. Only 200 sets are available and the way to join the tour is at the end of the article.

We always say that time goes by so fast and it's like yesterday when we look back with a limp in our tummies. The leaves were busy yellowing, we were busy working, the kids were busy growing up.

Every day, every day, you juggle between your child and the kitchen, making food and putting it in bowls that your baby may not be interested in. Is it the food or the wrong way to open it?

bamboo spork

Slow down a little, be sophisticated, and live in a way that is a little more open student, a little more wanton.

There are life designers everywhere who record the moments when babies eat and their tableware to show us that life can be so beautiful.

We hope to make babies love life a little more with the warmth of small things.

Each set of tableware has a different theme, they are each unique and they are full of childlike fun. The children must be looking forward to the surprise of eating all the food and digging into the bottom of the bowl.

The material is bamboo, highlighting the quality along with the safety features and a warmth for more people.

Look at the picture below can be such a Taobao pop-up baby tableware, can you blame them for the baby's lack of appetite? And our babies from primary school students have to be able to endure the ravages of aesthetic education without such ......

Well, let's change the painting style.

The picture below is a real shot of what I received. The colours are softer, just put some fruit and veggies in and it all looks great. The cutlery is not as thick as the wooden ones. If your baby is too small to spill, you can pair it with a silicone or PVC non-slip placemat. My little Joe is one of those children who chooses cutlery. Beautiful cutlery really does bring more fun to your baby.

Bamboo is slower to conduct heat than stainless steel and plastic, and used in winter, food is less cold, but it's best if children don't eat for more than half an hour. moo , the appearance is not as smooth as the kind of bowl mizamin, but also a little less industrial colour it. In addition, the use of bamboo tableware needs to be a little more careful, do not plastic and Miami so resistant to falls and high temperatures, but the material is very safe, with the U.S. FDA certification.

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Entrepreneurship means not just looking at the results, but paying attention to the details of the process.

Tell us all corporate stock loss goods a market good news, A shares will break 10,000 points

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February 02, 2021

What are the best (permanent or not) hair removal methods?​

Women adopt many methods to remove unwanted hair. Regularly and more often than naught painfully, they struggle to make their skin divinely smooth; about once a month for the most efficient methods, or every week with the more short-lived ones.

dermes 學生

Take a few unpainful minutes here to discover the traditional methods of hair removal as well as the new, less disagreeable ones. At EstheClinic we believe in a "no pain all gain” beauty motto, women who want to remove underarm, legs, bikini or any body part hairs should not undergo pain on such a regular basis…our advice at the end of this article!

The non-permanent methods

dermes 激光脫毛

Razor: the oldest enemy of your hair

Method:Hair removal with a simple razor and soapy water. Preferably with razors suitable for hair removal (no dull blades). A real practical tool, it can remove hair instantly. In the shower or bath, it allows all men and women to remove hair easily

dermes 激光脫毛

Advantages:very fast and inexpensive technique. Painless. Your skin will be immediately soft and smooth
Disadvantages: Not effective (hair regrowth after two or three days). Repeated use tends to irritate the skin

Pain ainless, but sensitive skin can be irritated

Hot or cold wax: pain ensured

Method:The effectiveness of this method varies for different types of wax used, their quality and the conditions of application on the skin

Advantages:Three types of waxes available: hot, warm or cold (e.g. strips), available in different forms. Slow regrowth of hair (two to three weeks)


Disadvantages:The preparation can be time consuming in terms of the wax to heat (e.g. reusable wax pot). The waxes can promote the appearance of pimples on some areas. You must have a decent length of hair for perfect hair removal. If the hair is too short it might just be a waste of your time. The hot wax can cause burns if applied at too high of a temperature. And waxes generally promote ingrown hairs and itching

Pain:intense but brief

Depilatory cream: the false friend

Method:The components of the depilatory cream attack the keratin of which hair is made, which then dissolves and is removed by rinsing

Advantages ainless, Fast

Disadvantages:Fast Regrowth of hair (one to three days). The chemical components can cause allergic reactions

Pain:No pain but chemical components can cause allergic reactions

The electric epilator: it stings!

Method:This device mimics the operation of the tweezers; tear hair one by one, at the root

Advantages:Rapid Technique (a few minutes). The hair grows back thinner (less visible)

Disadvantages: Painful technique. Ideal for your legs. But for sensitive areas, even if you have the appropriate special heads, those looking for comfort should abstain. Can be expensive to buy. Can promote the appearance of pimples


Threading: a complex learning process

Method:This painless technique is used in specialized institutes for the eyebrow, chin or moustache. It is based on the use of taught cotton thread, which allows one to pull hair of a certain length

Advantages:Not too painful technique. Does not irritate the skin. Efficiency (deep hair removal)

Disadvantages:Technique that takes time and thus is quite costly. Learning this technique is cumbersome, since the method itself is an art. A few little pangs are still felt during the session, and you will notice some redness at the end of the session. So do not plan to go to a gallant date just after your eyebrow hair removal!

Pain:not too painful

The permanent methods

Electrolysis: tedious permanent hair removal

Method:Electrolysis burns hairs one by one. The practitioner inserts a filament (needle-like) into the hair follicle, and then sends out an electrical micro-current. The burning of the hair bulb (hair root) follows, and it is removed using tweezers with a pointed tip

Advantages:This method is suitable for all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest, and all hair pigmentation. It can be used safely on sensitive areas like eyebrows and nipples

Disadvantages:As this method eradicates the hair one by one, the exercise is long and tedious. The costs, calculated by the minute, are high


Traditional IPL and Laser: permanent hair removal but not for everyone and not comfortable

Method:The area to be treated must be shaved. The laser or IPL targets the melanin in the hair by emitting light pulses. It penetrates up to 3.5 mm below the skin in order to heat the bulb of the hair and destroy it

Advantages:The traditional laser or IPL can quickly remove hair from large areas of skin. It is safe for light skin but needs to be used with caution for the darkest skin types. It quickly eradicates dark, wiry hair on fair skin

Disadvantages:It does not remove non-pigmented hair (blond, white, red) or very fine hair (fuzzy type). It can cause swelling, burning and scarring, but these effects are rare and usually resolve themselves. It is better to turn to traditional laser or IPL during autumn and winter months of the need to stay away from UV rays for four weeks before and after treatments

Pain:intense but brief, as if the skin was pinched repeatedly by a rubber band

IPL and Laser with permanent pulse: safe and painless permanent hair removal for everyone

Estheclinic advices IPL Permanent Pulse as it is safe and painless for everyone

Method:Innovative technology for hair removal, the new generation laser and IPL system will, undoubtedly seduce you. This painless method helps to remove your hair permanently, and only in a few sessions. The intense pulsed light or laser with Permanent Pulse technology can be used on all skin types, even the darkest. This process is obviously safe since it neither burns nor damages the skin. After five or six sessions, your hair has completely disappeared

Advantages ermanent Pulse technology is considered the next-generation of permanent hair removal systems due to its painless, effective and hassle-free procedure. The sweeping motion of Permanent Pulse technology works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, while not injuring surrounding tissue

Disadvantages:Like the traditional method of permanent hair removal, the Permanent Pulse technology cannot remove non-pigmented hair (blond, white, red) or very fine hair (fuzzy type)

Pain:No pain. You can feel a slight heat on the most sensitive parts, but no pain

Are you interested in having a Safe, Painless and Permanent Hair Removal treatment using medical grade technology ?

EstheClinic offers Permanent Hair Removal treatments in Hong Kong.

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January 05, 2021

Buying HR Software During a Pandemic

Investing in new HR software can be a daunting prospect during the best of times. The coronavirus pandemic, however, has disrupted normal operations of businesses across the world. HR is no exception to that. In some ways, during a pandemic is the worst time to buy new HR software, but in other ways, it could be the best time.

Dave Rietsema, founder and CEO of HR Payroll Systems, was interviewed by William Tincup of Recruiting Daily to discuss the topic of purchasing HR software during a pandemic. Dave was an HR practitioner before he founded HR Payroll Systems and wanted to share his experiences and mistakes with hr system practitioners so they can learn from them. The key points of the interview are summarized below.

Deciding to Implement New HR Software

The first step is to determine that the current HR software solution isn’t working. If the company is already using a HRIS instead of manual processes, this may involve meeting with vendor representatives to determine if there’s a solution there first. If you’re still unhappy with the current vendor, for example, if there are customer service problems that can’t be fixed, the next step is to get the buy-in from key stakeholders in the project.

Compiling a List of Likes and Dislikes

Once you’ve decided that implementing a new HRIS is the best choice for your company, compile a list of likes and dislikes about your current solution. Many make the mistake of listing only what they dislike about their current system. However, even if the system as a whole no longer works for your company, there may be some features that you did like and would wish to see with a new system.

This list can help guide the search for a new HRIS system. Companies can avoid replicating what they disliked about the old system but also look to keep the things that did work well.

Switching from Manual Processes to a HRIS

Not every company already has a HRIS already in place. Many businesses, especially smaller companies, may be working from shared spreadsheets instead of using HR software. The cost of implementing a HRIS when one wasn’t already in place can be daunting. However, calculating how many work-hours the cost of a new system is worth can help show stakeholders the benefits of the investment. Generally, if the HRIS saves even an hour of staff time per day, it ends up being worth the cost.

The Impact of COVID-19 on HRIS Purchases

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit the United States in mid-March, HRIS vendors saw a significant decline in sales. HR professionals were being pulled in a million different directions trying to put out the HR fires caused by the pandemic. There were CDC and government regulations to follow as well as ensuring that employees were able to work safely.

Now that the pandemic has been ongoing for several months, things are beginning to normalize. The pandemic may not be going away, but everyone has begun to adjust to the new normal. Changes that needed to happen before the pandemic began still need to occur. However, no one knows what the fallout will be from the pandemic. Vendors are still getting inquiries, but they’re fewer than before the pandemic began.

Positive Impacts of the Pandemic on HR

While overall, the pandemic has had more negative effects than positive, there are some benefits for HR software. The pandemic has exposed implementation issues that weren’t necessarily visible before. For example, if the employee self-service portal wasn’t properly implemented, it’s an opportunity to either correctly implement it or find a system that will be more intuitive for employees.

With more employees working remotely than ever before, it’s essential that HR use a HRIS that works for the company. Companies that either had no HRIS or that were continuing to use manual processes even with a HRIS will have to find an HR software solution that works in order to support remote employees. Manual time cards don’t work for employees working remotely.

New Technology from Software Vendors

The pandemic has also provided an opportunity for software vendors to develop new technologies that reduce contact between employees. These include thermal temperature readers, employee beacons, and touch-free time clocks. Vendors have been creating tools in response to the pandemic that HR can use to create a safe working environment.

Benefits of Purchasing a HRIS During the Pandemic

Because HR practitioners have been investing in new HR software at a slower rate during the pandemic, many software vendors are offering incentives. The pandemic may create uncertainty, but it also creates potentially more competition. This means that pricing may be very advantageous for HR practitioners in the market for a new HRIS.

The pandemic has also forced us to rethink what normal business practices are. Changes implemented now may last beyond the pandemic. More people will want to continue working remotely even after it’s safe to return to the office. Business travel may turn into Zoom calls. If your processes and systems can handle your HR needs properly during the pandemic, then they should be able to handle any changes that remain when the world returns to normal.

Preparing for Implementation

Whether a company is switching from one HRIS to another or adopting a HRIS for the first time, there is some preparation that should be made ahead of time. The first is to ensure that all paper files have been digitized. It’s also important to ensure that existing digital data is accurate. You’ll only want accurate data to be entered into the new system.

For historical data, talk to an attorney to determine exactly what the laws are regarding how long you need to keep old data. It can be a good idea to keep it, just in case another company calls for employment verification on a former employee, for example. However, much of the old data could be stored in Excel spreadsheets instead of entered into the new HRIS.

Researching Vendors After the Demo

Salespeople are good at giving great demos. But a demo of a system is completely different from actually implementing it. After a demo, you can find out more about how a system actually works in practice by finding others within your network who have used that software. You can request references from the vendor, but these may give only positive feedback, so you may not find out about any potential pitfalls.

Another valuable source of information is HR practitioners who almost purchased the software but didn’t end up signing the contract. Hearing their reasons for not signing on can help inform your own decision. While the vendor’s salespeople may initially be reluctant to provide this type of reference, they’re more likely to comply if it’s a condition of signing. HR practitioners never have more power with the vendor than before the contact is signed.

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December 31, 2020

These 8 Beauty Myths Aren’t Doing Your Skin Any Favors

When I stepped into the skin care aisle in grade school, I was sure my skin problems would be whisked away by the fancy bottles and copy writing promises. Even better if the products had before-and-after photos next to them.

What I didn’t realize at that time was that skin care wasn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. In fact, it’s often the exact opposite.

To find out what worked for me, 保濕護膚,my routine, and my budget, I needed to also work my way throughpsoriasis,hyperpigmentation, and the pressure we put on ourselves to look like a porcelain doll.

Throughout my journey I’ve discovered a few things that work and others that do not. More importantly, I’ve learned eight skin product myths that keep people from having a great relationship with their skin.

This myth started from hair care and somehow made its way into skin care. You may even see companies perpetuate this myth when they apply a fingertip amount in their advertisements.

When in doubt, use a little more product than the amount slotted on the back of the bottle. After all, everyone’s face — from size to absorbency — is different.

Two drops of face oil may be too much for balanced oily skin but after it sinks into dehydrated, oily skin, it may turn out to be too little.

Tip:When it’s been a long day of touching your face, eating takeout, picking upanotherquarter you dropped at the coffee shop, you’ll want to treat your face to more than a dime-sized amount of cleanliness. (Same goes forsunscreen, as most people only apply25 to 50 percent of the needed amount!)


A standardtonerremoves excess dirt and oil off the skin before you apply moisturizer. Depending on the brand, they promise to help your skin look brighter and smoother.

While I do believe that toner can assist in your beauty routine, not everyone needs it. Too many products can cause build up or a lack of absorption in your products.

I eventually took a minimalist approach to my skin care journey and removed toner. In its place, I added a liquid cell rejuvenator that’s mostly made of aloe vera. It’s a great base to my moisturizer and gives me that bright glow while minimizing my pores.

Tip:If you use toner, I suggest looking up your toner and comparing it with the other products in your routine (use SkinCarisma). You may find it overlaps or isn’t necessary at all.

If you’re prone to hyperpigmentation, makeup wipes can actually cause friction and slowly tear at the skin if you use daily. Plus, a lot of makeup wipes have alcohol, which can cause stinging for sensitive skin.

On regular days, I apply CeraVe SA Cleanser to my hands and wash my face. After, I wash with the soap again with myVanity brush. You can also opt for an oil cleanse to melt off the day’s impurities.

Tip:If you choose to use makeup wipes, try to limit them for long nights out instead.


Mycombination skinforces me to spend more money on skin products. But I don’t spend a lot onevery product.

Sometimes a simple product that costs less and has less going on ingredient-wise pays off more. For example, my Trader Joes’ Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash is $13.99 but my Lancome Beinfait Multivital moisturizer with SPF 30 is $60.

When I can’t afford that moisturizer for the month, I opt for a Cetaphil moisturizer and Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer sunscreen. Both keep my skin looking fierce!

Tip:You can easily learn to put your money where it matters by researching the star ingredient in your favorite products and see if there are "dupes” (aka copycat products) that also highlight those ingredients.

Skin myths can emerge from anywhere, especially word of mouth. You may have heard: "Avoid touching your face to prevent acne” but touching alone isn’t the only thing breaking you out.

My dermatologist warned me about talking on the phone without headphones and scrolling on my phone and then touching my face afterward. Apparentlyour phones carry more bacteria than most toilet seats.

A huge indicator of the skin issues I dealt with in high school came after I began getting acrylic nails. Apparently long nails can carry the gunk from your entire day, and if there’s bacteria, it can travel to your face or even cause an infection underneath your nails.

Tip:When washing your hands, concentrate on getting in underneath your nails!

A consistent skin care routine isn’t going to save you from breakouts.Breakoutscan be a result of anything from internal gut health to stress.

In fact, an inflexible routine may hurt you in the long run — the weather can change, you may encounter unexpected stress, or your skin might also just stop responding to your favorite cream. When that happens, your routine needs an adjustment.

I believe in keeping the same base products, likeface wash, but switching up othersteps to achieve my goal. For example, I wear aloe vera gel under my moisturizer during the spring. In the summer, I wear a lighter moisturizer so I won’t look oily when the sun comes out.

Tip:Let your inner researcher splurge a little andtry new products or formulations. Don’t be afraid of the return policy. Most brands understand their products aren’t one-size-fits-all and will gladly accept returns.

Your skin is one of a kind. Just because a "clear skin” thread went viral on Twitter doesn’t mean you should be concoctinga lemon and baking soda maskon a Tuesday night.

The goal is to not put your skin into shock. According to research, it may take anywhere from 6 to 20 weeksTrusted Sourceto really see a change in skin. Of course, the time depends on the ingredients and what kinds of changes you’re looking for.

Tip:If you do want to look at reviews of the product, look at the four- to three-star section for a more balanced perspective. The best reviews are the ones that include a before and after of someone who has the same skin tone, skin concerns, and skin type as yours.


One of my biggest mistakes was self-testing products until I found one that worked. For many others this meansnot learning your skin typeor even theactual condition(remember there’sdifferent types of acneand theyall respond to different treatments).

But dermatologists are doctors for your skin. They can tell you things that other people can’t, with the scientific education and experience to back it up.

How do you know it’s working? What breaks you out? Is your skin going into shock because of a new product or are the ingredients not a fit for your skin?

These questions are ones dermatologists can help you answer — or even start asking.

Tip:Access and costs are some of the biggest issues relating to dermatologist visits. If your provider won’t cover visits or treatment, tele-derm apps may be an option. Tele-derm based services use selfies to help you decide what kind of skin treatment you need.


Pause before downloading that app

  1. Consumer tele-derm services are a huge ethical concern as every app will have a different policy around your privacy. Don’t hesitate to email the company asking if they are HIPAA compliant and what they will do with your photos. If they cannot provide a clear and straight-forward answer, it’s best not to use the app.

You may want to see if there’s a dermatologist who charges based on flexed income. This kind of payment is usually based on the income of the individual and can be set at a reasonable rate.

Most of these myths I learned about after a grueling journey to clear and healthy skin. I didn’t see progress until I decided to take control of what healthy skin looks like for me — and not based on what others did.

That included accepting my hyperpigmentation, controlling my psoriasis, andletting beauty marks accent the beauty I naturally possessed.

Taylor Ramble is a skin enthusiast, freelance writer, and film student. For the past five years she’s worked as a freelance writer and blogger focusing on topics from wellness to pop culture. She enjoys dancing, learning about food and culture, as well as empowerment. Right now she works at The University of Georgia’s Virtual Reality Lab focusing on the impact of advancing technologies on behavior and wellness.

BOTA -- Plant-Powered Skincare with CBD

BOTA is on a mission to provide gentle, yet effective skincare that’s free of harsh chemicals. Combined with the power of CBD, our Nightly Defense Creme is meant to leave your skin looking and feeling its best. Use code HEALTHLINE for 15% off


Last medically reviewed on May 13, 2019

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December 22, 2020

Online education is popular, with plenty of room for improvement


Fragmented teaching is popular

When it comes to online courses, a Beijing parent whose child just started first grade told reporters, "My father and I work under a lot of pressure and have very limited time to spend with our children. It is inconvenient for the elderly to pick up and drop off their children. Online learning not only saves time and energy for the child to get out of class, but also connects well with the in-school curriculum." Most parents do not know the key points of the course content and do not demonstrate them, even if they are around their children for 5 hours, the effect is not as significant as the one hour of remote online practice with a professional teacher.


Today, China has moved into the initial maturity stage of the online education industry, and the user groups of online education can be broadly divided into three categories: primary and secondary school students with off-campus tutoring; university students with inter-school education and teaching resources information sharing economy and non-student groups with various different vocational and technical skills in our free time learning process.

Compared with primary and secondary school students who use online off-campus courses as a supplement to their on-campus learning, online courses for non-student groups are mainly characterized by fragmentation, refinement and practicality. Fitness sculpting, improvised oral expression, Python programming, photography, spoken English, etc. Most people take such classes to expand their skills.

Liu Tianchi is a Chinese opera performance teacher who shot to fame as a mentor for her participation in Zhejiang TV's "The Birth of an Actor" program. This year, she started an online acting course for young professionals to teach working professionals how to communicate with their leaders and colleagues at work. Back in 2018, her acting workshop received an investment of tens of millions of RMB from Sequoia Capital.

Plum, who works in an Internet company, will study a one-hour online PS retouching class at home after work at 8 pm. "I always feel that I can't come back from work time because I am always idle, so I enrolled in this online class in China, the price is quite suitable and the class time is not too long. While we still have a lot of energy to learn more professional skills, so that when I take a break can also give themselves to others to earn a little extra money retouching."

The knowledge information that cannot be learned in school can be easily obtained online. The reporter retrieved in a professional online education platform, e-commerce marketing is one of the platform's popular courses. Some merchants who want to open an online store can learn the latest marketing techniques, such as newbie online stores looking for sources, low cost drainage on the Handao homepage, and the operational skills of micro-amalgamation drill show. The courses are mostly free at the beginning, but the best part is the expensive learning.

Online education has a lot of room for improvement

Although the online education market is booming, there are still some problems that need to be solved.

This reporter saw a video shared by a parent on WeChat in his circle of friends. The video showed that the child fell asleep because he was too sleepy while video learning with his English teacher. The child was exhausted and the parent was distraught.

With so many online courses to choose from, it's still a question of whether parents can filter out the ones that are truly suitable for their children and whether they will suffer from "indigestion" due to hunger.

At the same time, even though the number of online course users has more than doubled, the high marketing costs of the online education market apparently make many education platforms and institutions are about to fail to hit. After the high-profile IPO, many online education companies can not afford the huge marketing costs, there are negative news such as layoffs, bankruptcy and downsizing.

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July 31, 2020




據外媒消息,日前,國際學院斯隆管理數字巡天調查(SDSS)項目進行發布了迄今中國為止我國最大的宇宙 3D 地圖,該地圖設計不僅是在過去我們二十年中,來自一個世界發展各地的100多名研究天體系統物理教育學家對超過 400 萬個星系和超亮、能量技術密集的類星體的分析所得出的結果,更是在跨越不同時間和空間後所描述的宇宙這110億年來的成長史。

滑鐵盧大學在加拿大安大略省•威爾珀西瓦爾(威爾·珀西瓦爾)表示,該圖向我們展示了"對宇宙的膨脹一個完整的故事。” 科學家們說,從地圖中我們可以明顯看出,宇宙的膨脹在某一時刻開始發展加速,並一直持續進行下去。


值得一提的是,繪制地圖時,科學家們還發現,宇宙膨脹的目前公認的速率 - 即哈勃常數,從距離之間的比來計算從我們最近的星系的10%更慢的值。

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